Voted Best BBQ in Buffalo
  • Grilling Ain’t BBQ

    To barbecue is to cook meats in a smoker over a low heat for a long, long time. LOW and SLOW is the key. And that’s the way it’s done at Fat Bob’s Smokehouse.
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  • We Only Serve Up Fresh & Tasty

    Most everything on our menu is created from scratch, right down to the bleu cheese that comes with our jumbo chicken wings. As you walk into the restaurant, the sweet scent of premium meats smoking in our custom Texas smoker greets you. In the kitchen, our homemade gumbo is simmering on the stove while the homemade BBQ sauces and not-to-be-missed mac ‘n cheese is being prepared. And, any pasta dish can be prepared gluten free. Just call ahead.

    It’s no wonder we’ve been voted the best barbecue in Buffalo – our meats are slow cooked in our custom smoker for that authentic taste you won’t soon forget. Whether you’re a BBQ enthusiast or the occasional carnivore, you’ll appreciate the results. So, when your mouth is watering for authentic barbecue, come to Fat Bob’s Smokehouse!

One Buffalo Draft Special During All Buffalo Sports Events

It’s fall and that means home town sporting events are heating up. Fat Bob’s is featuring $4 drafts of Southern Tier One Buffalo during all Buffalo sports events. Stop in to cool down!


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